A new face in the Clean Beauty industry, our founder Ashtin decided that a change needed to made in how she treated her skin. After long stressful nights as a first year law student, harsh mid west weather and damaging effects from harsh bath water, she had had enough. She created this line of skincare for herself and women all over the world who needed a break from harmful chemicals and damaging side effects. In the mornings she would attend law school and at night she would formulate for long hours into the night with hundreds of natural and organic ingredients to create the Peaches and Frank brand. Once the first batch of products were made, she tested them all on herself and her skin transformed into the youthful stress free glowing skin that it once was. All products are hand made and better yet our founders still match batches and hand paint bottles as well. If we don't feel a product is 100% perfect, you'll know because we wont launch it!

Herbal Skin Care


We source only the purest and naturalist  ingredients from our small farm plots right here in Akron, Ohio and from other small farms across the USA. Our brand was created to specifically provide women and men of all ages with clean organic skincare. We take pride int he fact that 95% of our ingredients are grown on our farm in Ohio or responsibly grown on partnered farms within the U.S. We use only the purest natural, herbal and holistic ingredients. In the summer we scout the California deserts for Cactus Juice and Joshua Tree extract. On our trip to Hawaii we collected pure black sea salt, which will be used in our special edition Honey Clay Face Treatment Masque. We spent this winter distilling Willow Bark and Sunflower seeds! This is our life! This is what we live for! To insure integrity of our products, we hand make each formula in small batches. This helps us to work well with the nature of the natural ingredients. On top of this, we hand paint and hand print each pink bottle one at a time. I know you're saying wow..., and wow is right! We take so much pride in being personal people and delivering all of our babes a wonderful unique experience. And because we love the world and our eco-system so much, we use only the purest bio-degradable glass bottles. The pumps and lids and plastic, but these are very much recyclable too. All of our products are cruelty free and never ever animal tested.


  • We take sincere pride in our beautiful pink bottles. Our packaging is made of biodegradable glass. 
  • Each bottle is specially hand painted and printed individually with you in mind. A few of our painters even leave their very own finger print on the bottle of the bottles as a unique signature.
  • Recycle! Recycle! Recycle! We've made it so easy for you. Out of respect and admiration for our beautiful planet we've done our part to cut down on excessive boxing and packing paper.
Herbal Skin Care
Herbal Skin Care


Perfection matters! Each formula is specially designed by highly skilled chemist. We selectively pick only the finest and best high performing ingredients. We source our ingredients from all over the U.S. Better yet we only source what we cannot grow ourselves. So whenever we cannot source an ingredient, you may notice that the product will be sold out until a particular ingredient comes back in season. We will never compromise your beauty!

About Peaches and Frank

Kitty P. 

Social Media Strategist  @ Peaches and Frank

I've always had a knack for building bridges and relationships with any and everyone. My goal here at Peaches and Frank is to connect and engage with many different people across the skincare community. I strive to create lasting bonds and incredible memories.

About Peaches and Frank

Rosa Myra

Formulator/ Chemist @ Peaches and Frank 

Make-up and cosmetics are my areas of expertise. Here at Peaches and Frank I spend each and every day doing exactly what I love, and thats formulating the purest and best skincare formulas. I take so much pride in each and every batch. It's so personal to me because I too have struggled with skin concerns and not feeling beautiful because of skin issues. I'm a firm believer that all people deserve to be beautiful!

Peaches and Frank

Peaches+Frank was created through a desire to enjoy being beautiful and using skincare products without having to worry about nasty side effects induced from chemical agents in the product. Not yet ready to go full on vegan on the inside, we decided to go completely vegan on the outside and be more cautious with what we put on our skin. Our products are uniquely and exclusively created with only the freshest natural ingredients grown in the purest non chemical polluted soil.

- Ashtin D. , co-founder